Western-Districts-Athletics-ClubUniform Policy

It is compulsory to wear the full club uniform at all club meets and SA Little Athletics events.

Our uniform is a sublimated polo shirt in yellow, blue and black.  Our lion logo is on the back and it also has light ripples to represent the lion’s mane. Our polo top is worn with plain back shorts.

Competing in bare feet is strictly prohibited.

Club jackets, tracksuits and windcheaters may be worn in cooler weather, or during the warm-up.

Uniforms, registration numbers and age group badges must be worn while competing at all club meets and SA Little Athletics events.

U/12 to U/17 can wear up to 7mm needle spikes in laned, jump and javelin events.

Parental Care Policy

All athletes from U6 – U14 (inclusive) must have a parent or nominated responsible person in attendance for the each and every meet to enable the athlete to compete.

Our club policy is a family friendly club, it is a condition of registration that parents help each week with the running of the events for a smooth enjoyable meet.  Many hands make lite work!  If Parents cannot be present, there is a book in the clubrooms where you must delegate responsibility for your child to another adult.  Parents and coaches teach children to be good winners as well as good losers. The major emphasis is on personal improvement, not winning.

Weather Policy

The club has reviewed its weather policy that applies to all Friday night meets conducted at Henley. If, in the view of the Committee, the weather conditions for the meet are considered inclement or extreme, the running of the event may be modified or cancelled at its discretion. The weather will be checked by a Committee member locally at 5.00pm. If the temperature locally is 36 degrees or above or wet weather, the meet will be cancelled. If in the event a meet is cancelled, it will be posted on the Western Athletics Club website, Facebook & Twitter by 5.30pm. Athletes participating at any meet is always at the parent’s discretion.
Please call the President, Secretary or Registrar if you have any queries.

Discipline Policy

The behaviour of athletes, their siblings and parents is important in ensuring a smooth and enjoyable competition and training night. Parents are asked to ensure that their children behave in an appropriate manner so as not to disrupt the running of events.
Registered athletes are expected to follow the directions of their Chaperone or any other person in authority (e.g. Committee Member or responsible appropriately qualified athlete). If the Chaperone encounters any athlete misbehaving, then the Chaperone has the authority to warn the athlete on two occasions and if a third occasion arises the Chaperone will send the athlete to the Clubroom.

Sunsmart Policy

The South Australian Little Athletics Association acknowledges that skin cancer is a major public health problem in Australia with two out of three people requiring treatment for some form of skin cancer in their lifetime. We recognise that skin cancer is preventable and will actively promote, encourage and support sun protection at meetings, training and competition.

Smoke Free Policy

Clubs recognise that passive smoking is hazardous to health and that non smokers should be protected from the involuntary inhalation of tobacco smoke. Accordingly, smoking is prohibited in ALL areas of competition and in the clubrooms and its surrounds. This also includes ALL functions organised by the Centre or Association

Asthma Policy

The South Australian Little Athletics Association recognises the need to educate its members, coaches, trainers, staff and volunteers about Exercise Induced Asthma and to promote responsible Asthma management strategies. SALAA is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for people with asthma to attend and participate. Asthma management is viewed as a shared responsibility of coaches, trainers, athletes, parents, carers, committee and management.

Safety Policy

The personal safety and health of each Centre member, athlete, volunteer and the general public is of paramount concern to the Committee. The Committee believes that all injuries and occupational injuries can be prevented and in all operations safety will be given the greatest importance. The Committee will, to the best of their ability, ensure that all resources necessary for the safety and well being off all will be made available.


All registered athletes and voluntary workers (aged between 3 and 75 years) are covered by Sports Injury and Personal Accident Insurance whilst engaging in centre or association events. An excess and/or Medicare gap may apply to any claim.