About Western Athletics Club

Welcome to our PRIDE!

Western Athletics Club is very proud to be a community based club that caters for all the needs of our athletes.  If you are turning 12 to any age, you are eligible to join!

Our Senior Athletics gym is located at Ellis Park, West Terrace Adelaide.

Summer Competition

The summer track and field competitions are held at SA Athletics Stadium on Saturday afternoons from September until March every year. More information about the track and field competitions can be found on the Athletics SA website.

Winter Competition

Winter competition is run by Athletics SA, they have a variety of cross country events.  All the information about these events can be found on the Athletics SA website.

Training options

We have a large group of personal coaches available to our athletes (check out our coaches page), as well as group development sessions that are held on Tuesday and Thursday nights at SA Athletics Stadium from 4:30-5:30pm

If you are looking for a club that values community, is inclusive and a brand ambassador for Family, Fun and Fitness – we would love you to join our pride!



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Athletics South Australia

Athletics SA is for athletes of all abilities turning 12 years and older, covering a variety of events including running, jumping, throwing, walking and more.


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